About Us

Jercich Glass Studio

Living with and working with glass has been one of the most fascinating occupations of my life. Glass blowing, casting glass, fusing glass, cold working glass, fabricating glass, and generally working hot from a furnace have been some of the many techniques that I have explored within the medium. I have made a career of teaching and had the early good fortune of working my way into a fellowship, terminating into a position as a full professor of art in the Department of Art and Design. I developed and taught over 10 different classes in art and design, mostly in three dimensional mediums. Included in my assignments approximately one third of my teaching was in the artistic pursuits of the above techniques. In total, my assignments over a period of 35 years at Cal Poly I had over 8,000 students listed on my accumulated rosters.

Currently a retired professor, I work at my home studio on a small farm on the Central California Coast near Morro Bay. My time is divided between raising olives and general farm work, teaching glass blowing and casting lessons, off shore kayak fishing, and working on my own art.

George Jercich 2016